"Deeply moving"

This book is a memoir that will move any reader. I know, I know - another memoir!? But the human condition is what connects us all and makes it possible for us to have some reflection and compassion. And this fine book is a story like none other. It has moments so raw and moments so riotous - the author takes you hither and yon in spinning the story that is her life...the good, the bad and the ugly. You pray for redemption and I will let you wait for the epilogue to see if it is delivered. You should read it. I feel certain you will be touched.

Lee - June 7, 2013

"Riveting, Relatable Memoir with Dramatic Ups and Downs"

Wendy Gaynor's debut memoir, Mom, I Want to Speak to Marie Antoinette: A Story About Traumatic Brain Injury, Abuse, Death, Divorce, Love & Laughter, pulls you in at break-neck speed into a family reeling from the highs and lows of life. In a Candide-like fashion, tragic and triumphant events befall this family of three strong-willed women. The reader has to hold on tight through the twists and turns of their life. Many may find themselves relating to life-events in the book and may even find catharsis from reading the book, especially when they can exhale with the author at the end.

Fir - June 7, 2013

"Soul felt gem"

Wendy Gaynor has told the triumphant story of her brave family with a grace and a depth that immediately pulls you in. She has woven her tale of overcoming some of life's worst challenges with a deftness that made me not want to put down this compelling work. Inspiring, enlightening, hopefull and often times terrifically funny, a new writer to watch.

Realreader - June 15, 2013


Seriously, who wants to read about traumatic brain injury, abuse, death and divorce? I generally run fast and far from such a book. Wendy Gaynor has written a riveting book about these very taboo and uncomfortable subjects. I laughed, I cried and I rejoiced with the family as they took me along on their tragic and sometimes disturbingly honest ride. Lives were turned upside down and inside out by situations outside of their control. It was as if we were on a raft navigating the rapids of world's most ferocious river that would occasionally release its hold and allow us to come up gasping for air, and when we did we were laughing. As Stephen Hawking once said "Life would be tragic if it weren't funny". Wendy Gaynor's book is hilarious and the trials and tribulations of life had no chance of drowning out the love and laughter in this family. This is a memoir Marie Antoinette herself would want to read, and you should as well. But do not forget your life vest.

Eileen Kapell - June 17, 2013

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