Ruby's Poem

“Brain injured. Slowed, distorted, confused thinking-lasting irreparable damage, eternal, always
insurmountable. Life becomes ironclad tests, trials to prove oneself.
Paramount is recovery, regaining time lost. Purgatory-emotional and physical, consequences and fate unknown.
What do time and distance have in store? Good? Bad? Brain injury determined or healthy untainted thoughts?
Future impossible to presume. Time, life, distance, and experience will tell.
Failure is expected, assumed-to succeed would be rare, exceptional, almost improbable.
Determined to be the difference. Defy expectations.
Have to be, try to be extraordinary, unaffected, overcome detriments-
Achieve unparalleled recovery. Fight, struggle, work, be tenacious, steadfast, adamant.
Mind and body not always willing, in accordance.
Sometimes adversaries, sapping, wearing away progression, evolution. Must conquer, surmount, prevail, and triumph.
A challenge to rise, to, an imperative, a prerequisite to fulfillment and satisfaction.
A goal to attain, a paradigm to aspire to.
Security in the knowledge that the worst has befallen. Survival and life reigned sovereign."

Submitted by Ruby to the Ahead of the Times “Brain Works” poetry contest
September 1996, 11 months post accident

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